John Titor (Beat x Rockes)

by Zaheed Santana





Can't really say much about it
but we in a lot of danger
at first we thought we could control it
but it released a lot of anger.

Between governments
they chose me
to give you an important message
dont hurt me.

I dont belong here
and I know it sounds crazy but
and IBM can only save us all!!!

John Titor
John Titor
John Titor, my name's John Titor

Tell me what your name is lady
tell me where you from
where I'am at right now?

Im coming from a time so shady
pretty eyes like yours are extinct right now

Clock is tickin
futures missing
and we are kissing.


Fall in love between a mission
im so stupid
but i can't help it
fuck the future
let me be your present.

My name is....

John Titor
John Titor
John Titor, my name's John Titor

Just please tell me i didnt invent no time traveling machine,
just for you to go back in time and fall in love,
hey thats cute, but youre wasting my time and money,
so bitch!
do your fuckin job and complete the mission!

-Ok, chill.

Feeling like i've never felt before
(you know)
maybe its this thing you're calling love
damn it feels like the greatest damn thing ever
promise me that you will never....

Leave me alone
cause here's where i belong
leave me alone
cause here's where i belong.

Here you are, doin nothin
wasting time
don't you realize
we are about to kill each other
in our land?

(But here's where i belong!!!)

Playing love birds
with some random bitch
get the fuck up outta here
get back in your place!

John Titor
John Titor
John Titor, my name's John Titor!

I know i promised you the future and happiness
but i really really gotta leave
but hopefully one day
I'll come back for you
I'll come back for you

ooooohhh ooohhhh oooohhh.......

te acabas de copiar "Anytime" de Bryan Mcknight XD
(you just copied "anytime" by Brian Mcknight)


released May 11, 2014
Beat: Rockes
Design: Bore Uno
Photo: Anahi Castañeda
Vocals & Master: Zaheed Santana



all rights reserved